Mobile games are growing faster than we can keep up and big games such as PUBG and even GTA have taken to the mobile gaming world.

It’s exciting, but with many games before, we’ve found that the quality and features aren’t quite as good. However, with PUBG, we were impressed, especially since they’ve taken the time to make the same graphics and gaming features possible and easy to use.

Now, another major gaming company Rockstar takes to the mobile gaming world to make yet another iconic PC game into a portable option. So, what’s GTA San Andreas like on mobile and can you do all the same things?

Setting it Up

First things first, we need to check out the real game options and how you can customise the game controls to suit your needs. Luckily, the game makes it easy to adjust the settings, including the commands you use while playing. It provides both on-foot options and those you use while driving.

You can adjust the options by dragging them to the place most convenient for you. These include running, shooting, aiming, reloading and much more. It’s also possible to increase the sizes of some buttons.

Various game settings include invert lock, analogue bike controls, accelerometer uses and more. The accelerometer would make it possible to use the tilt of your device to control some features in the game, including looking around, aiming, driving and more.

How Similar is the Game?

From the very first load screen, you’ll be glad to see the same pictures and even the tune in the background. The great news is, those on a newer device will get to enjoy super-fast loading times.

When it comes to the first place in the house, you’ll go through the same tutorial as the PC game, but it includes more features as they tell you how to use mobile as well. The graphics are almost identical to the PC version of San Andreas, including the yellow markers to point out where you use to take part in activities.

Even the map at the top is the same, pointing out the roads, beach and all the rest while you’re moving. Tapping on the map provides the full-screen view, making it easier to see where you are while also including additional options such as the navigation, where missions are and more.

Even the health bar, armour, time and money indicators are identical. The only additions to the display are the movement keys and other mobile actions that now require players to tap on the screen.

There’s no doubt that GTA San Andreas is the same as the PC game we enjoyed so many years ago. It offers the same guns, features and even missions as the PC version, but now you get to play it on your mobile device and take advantage of much faster loading times.