Dying Light 2 and Marvel’s Avengers Delayed

The last week has proven to be disappointing for video game enthusiasts. Two titles slated for 2020 have been delayed, with one not coming until the holiday season and the other postponed indefinitely. TechLand Studios announced that

Pokemon Sword & Shield Receiving DLC

Supporters of the Pokemon franchise were shocked to learn that GameFreak is releasing downloadable content for Sword & Shield. It marks the first time in this franchise’s existence that DLC will be released, with Pokemon being available

Best Video Games of 2020

Most individuals that partake in video games are becoming excited for the upcoming Xbox Series: X and PlayStation 5, which are slated to be released during the 2020 holiday season. Gamers are forgetting about the forthcoming Triple-A

Video Game Sales Decline in 2019

2019 marked a slight decline in profits for video game sales, with consumers being prompted to begin saving money for the upcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The anticipation of the 2020 console has lowered game

The Witcher 4 Confirmed

News regarding the Witcher franchise has grown exponentially in the last six months. Netflix announced a live-action series regarding this brand prompted fans worldwide to begin expressing their joy. Well, those fans now have something else to

Magic the Gathering Becoming an MMO

The Game Award Show saw the announcement of multiple new products coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Personal Computer. One of the most unexpected reports was that Magic: The Gathering would be moving into a

YouTube Restricting Violent Video Games

YouTube will limit shocking video game content beginning today, as revealed in a brand-new Google assistance message. Google will undoubtedly proceed to shield customers from real-world physical violence. While this adjustment will certainly aid makers in posting

Pokémon Sword and Shield Review

Pokemon is one of the most influential game series ever creates. Since its creation in the 1990s, these games have excited adults and children alike. For years these fanatics have clamoured for an open-world version of Pokemon,

Best upcoming eSports developments in 2020

eSports looks ready to continue booming in 2020, with the industry set to welcome some exciting new developments. Interest amongst broadcasters continues to rise, while an increasing number of gambling operators are offering odds throughout the year.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday Sales

The Nintendo Switch has become one of the fastest-selling and growing consoles in history. Most gamers or parents are scrambling weekly to find the console before it’s sold out of their local stores. This product will surely