Metro Last Light Sales on NYE

Gaming on PCs is becoming convoluted, with an abundance of marketplaces competing against Steam for consumer interest. Marketing methods not conventional with other industries are implored to increase player acquisition rates. Marketplaces struggling to develop player portfolios

Sony Ordered to Unlock Brazilian PS5s

The Brazilian Government is beginning to understand the weight of how gaming is disrupted in their nation. The Sao Paulo Court of Justice implemented legislative orders that eliminate monopoly directives of the Sony Computer Entertainment Company. Those

Xbox Warns Consumers of Cyberpunk 2077

Headlines for several days have regarded CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, what was meant to become the most prominent & exciting video game in history. The latter occurred with Cyberpunk 2077 becoming one of the industries biggest

RE8 Rated in Brazil

The 8th entry into the Resident Evil franchise has received it’s first rating from Brazil, which holds minimal value for Brazilian residents that are unlikely to have the funds available for purchasing RE8. Still, the rating issued

Naughty Dog Elect New Co-President

Prominent members in management at Naughty Dog have retired recently, prompting investors to determine employed personnel viable for replacement. Announcements were made that Neil Druckmann, Creative Director & Vice President of Naughty Dog, has been promoted. Company

Modern Warfare Wins Esports Game of the Year

Video games have become a primary form of entertainment, with properties like GTA & Call of Duty earning billions yearly from a popularity standpoint. Governing associations of the industry provide development studios with awards for their recent

Steam Supports PS5 Controller

The DualSense Controller for the PlayStation5 is receiving unexpected support with the Personal Computer via Steam. It was announced that PC Gamers that use the “Steam Input API Code” will be permitted access with PS5 DualSense Controllers,

Hostage Situation at Ubisoft Montreal

November 13th had an unexpected & frightening situation occur at the Headquarters of Ubisoft Montreal. Law enforcement was called on-scene after reports indicated that numerous hostages had been taken and that an unnamed assailant was demanding immediate

Square Enix Suffers $48 Million in Losses.

Significant financial losses have been sustained for Square Enix Digital Entertainment, a prominent developer of video games. Quarterly reporters were issued & noted that throughout March 2020 to September 2020, an influx of $48 Million was lost.

Sony Bullies Peripheral Manufacturer Into Refunds

The PlayStation5 from Sony Computer Company is arriving on November 12th. It’ll mark one of the most influential consoles released since the PS3, with notable upgrades to framerates & ray tracing coming with the PS5. Considering the