It’s quite surprising how many players are enjoying PUBG mobile and do not really know enough about the guns and features each category provides. It’s important to know what each gun is capable of, the firing rate, distance and much more. Using a shotgun to shoot at someone a couple of hundred yards away certainly won’t work, but it will make enough noise for your enemy to spot you and take you out from where they stand, with the right gun of course. Below, we go through a quick guide of PUBG Mobile guns and where you should use them.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the most popular in PUBG mobile as they provide great advantages all over. Not only does it work well with a scope at long distances combined with bust shots, but it also allows you to take down enemies at close distances, thanks to the fast firing rate.

There are multiple assault rifles to choose from in PUBG, but there are a few well worth picking up when you get the opportunity, including the top choice AKM, followed by the M16, the M4 and SCAR.

It’s worth having at least one of these assault rifles with you as no matter what other guns you’ve got they work well in all conditions. The only guns that beat it with distance is a sniper, and very close range would be a shotgun.


Many see these as mini assault rifles, which is accurate when you consider what they’re capable of. These guns are great for closer ranges, and they have less recoil than the bigger brother. On top of that, they have a higher rising rate, allowing you to act fast and take down enemies.

To some extent, they’ll take down enemies at a longer range, but certainly, don’t match up with the assault rifles, nevermind the snipers. PUBG mobile is covered with SMG guns, and the ammo is widely available, making it a great backup option.

If you’re keen on SMG guns, we recommend going for the Tommy Gun or even the UMP. There are other choices, but these are just a little better in terms of shooting ability and accuracy.


PUBG mobile seems to have a limited amount of sniper rifles, but it is a good thing as it forces players to get in on closer battles and show real skill. Theirs is only one sniper rifle that appears in the standard game, called the Kar98k, which is the worst of the bunch, but at least it comes with a scope. With this gun, you’ll need to go for headshots or at least hit your target around three times at longer distances.

The M24 and AWM are the ones you’d really want as a sniper as these have the power to drop an enemy at even longer distances with just a single shot. However, these aren’t as easy to get as the game only provides them with drop boxes.