The last few years have revealed some incredible improvements in gaming, not only with consoles and PC but even more in mobile gaming.

Much of it has to go through incredible technological advancements, offering much faster mobile processors, more ram and better screens. Allowing mobile game developers to create opportunities that can quickly match up with that provided on computers.

One of the best examples would be PUBG, which is available on both platforms and provide a very similar layout, features and action-packed gaming experience. Sure, the screen is smaller on mobile, but the company manages to make it work.

There are also loads of other excellent games, including racing, fighting, adventure and so much more. However, with all these game types, something is missing. Something that would allow us to get even more out of each round and take full advantage of the games we enjoy most.

It might be sad to say, but what we need is older technology as we return to controls as we’ve seen with consoles throughout the years of gaming. Luckily, many companies provide these remotes, which hold your mobile device in place. Giving you the same view, features and options, but with buttons that you can feel, react to much faster and get even more out of the game.

Below, we look at only some of the reasons why would need a remote to get more out of your gaming experience and how it would make it better:


Every played a racing or shooting game where you need to react fast, but only to find yourself losing as you missed the on-screen button? Well, with a remote that instantly goes away as you have actual buttons that allow you to feel what you need to press.

Much like the remotes we got used to with Xbox and PS, these buttons eventually allow you to react without even thinking. Therefore, if you need to aim and shoot as fast as possible, it’s so much more comfortable with a remote as you focus on nothing but the game.

Gives a Better View

Game developers try to include as much detail on the screen as they can. Making the game better and allowing you to keep track of your health, position, tire wear and so much more. However, it’s hard to keep track of the details as your fingers usually take up quite a lot of space on the screen. Especially with racing and shooting games where you need fingers on both sides of the screen to control movement and angle.

With a remote, there’s no need to touch the screen at all as you can use the buttons to do everything you need to. Of course, if there’s something you need to select faster than tapping through the options, you can still press the screen and return to the buttons after that.