Mobile gaming has become a huge attraction for players around the world. Not only have the games caught up with what we experience on PC, but they actually provide many of the same features. Of course, this could get a little complicated, especially when you start filling the screen with all the options, buttons and game features.

Okay, so maybe they aren’t quite as advanced as PC gaming. However, there’s no denying that mobile games are becoming a huge player in the world and there are various gaming features making it complicated.

Those who have played mobile games would’ve experienced the annoying action of pressing the wrong on-screen button or missing it completely in a desperate time of need. It’s completely understandable as well. At the end of the day, you’re trying to get the same benefits of PC gaming on a device that doesn’t have actual buttons. That makes it the same as trying to play with a mouse that doesn’t have physical buttons. It leaves you needing to keep looking at what your hand is doing.

Luckily, there are now special mobile gaming remotes that allow you to take your mobile gaming to the next level. They do this by adding a hand-held device that’s much like the remotes for Xbox and PlayStation. These devices hold the phone as well, allowing you to gain the best view while feeling where the buttons are and getting much better movement out of each round you play.

Below, we look at the popular choices and tell you why they are the best for mobile gaming:

GameSir T1S

The GameSir T1S is the answer to all your gaming needs as it connects to everything from your mobile device to your PC and even console. It provides a similar layout to the PS3 remote and has a flap in the centre that flips up and holds your phone in place. It’s big enough to hold even the bigger devices and grab hold of bulky covers.

One of the highlights of the remote is the buttons that light up. This makes it much easier to see in the dark without being too bright and taking away from the focus on the game. It also comes with the L/R 1 and 2 buttons at the back, giving you the freedom to program them and get even more use out of the game. You’re playing.

Razer Serval

Geared more towards the layout and grip of the Xbox remote, the Razer Serval features a unique layout and also connects to all your gaming platforms. Once again, it offers the L/R 1 and 2 buttons, making it great for aiming and triggers. We also like the additional direction buttons with the joysticks, allowing quick movements, faster actions changing guns with no effort at all.

To attach your mobile device, you need to attach the clip to the front of the device and connect your phone. It offers an adjustable grip and also has enough space to hold onto a bigger phone. However, you might just struggle a little to get bulky covers into it.