PlayStation Store Removing Mobile and Desktop Support

The Sony Computer Company announced that support for the web & mobile versions for the PlayStation Store is going offline. This follows after the usage of these services dropped below 10% of peak volumes. PlayStation announced immediately afterwards that an update would release to the PS Store in October 2020. The PS4 Store will be redesigned to resemble the PlayStation5’s online storefront. Gamers in rural areas were known to purchase PS3, Vita, and PSP games via mobile or web service. However, PlayStation has knowingly avoided rural markets like Brazil or Hong Kong.

October 19th marks the date when the PlayStation Web Store will enter offline status, with the Mobile Application sustaining a slightly longer lifespan of nine days & shutting down on October 28th. PlayStation has clarified that the PS Store is continuing support for the PS3, PSP, PS Vita, and PS4 after the update. There’ll be the requirement of owning one of these handhelds or consoles to make the purchase. However, the PS Vita & PSP are getting limitations with their digital storefronts. Sony is exclusively supporting PlayStation Legacy Titles with the PS Vita & PSP. It shows that Sony is abandoning these consoles on a significant level. Full digital storefront support remains for the PS3 & PS4.

Games aren’t the exclusive content that won’t be permitted for purchasing PlayStation Apps, Themes, or Avatars via the Web or Mobile storefront. Downloads will follow similarly & require buyers to own one of PlayStation’s consoles from the last 10-years. It should be noted that across the PSP, PS Vita, and PS3, support for the Wish List feature is also being lost. It’s because new games for these consoles are non-existent.

Speculation on PS Vita Successor

When questioned on the changes occurring for their digital storefront, PlayStation & Sony refused to provide details on their decision-making process. Speculation suggests that PlayStation is focusing on its next phase of development & growth, which focuses on the PS4. This means that services owned by PlayStation must be readjusted or terminated amid the upcoming generation cycle. Mention of the PS Vita and PSP has prompted some to wonder if digital storefront space is being generated for a 3rd PlayStation handheld console. No official announcements on a PS Vita successor have been made in 2020.