Pokemon Sword & Shield Receiving DLC

Supporters of the Pokemon franchise were shocked to learn that GameFreak is releasing downloadable content for Sword & Shield. It marks the first time in this franchise’s existence that DLC will be released, with Pokemon being available for three decades to consumers. It’s known that two DLC Packages will be issued for Pokemon Sword & Shield, which will provide additional characters from the series and new locations to explore. This isn’t the first time that Pokemon has updated their games to create a more compelling experience. Titles like Pokemon Ultra Moon and Ultra Soon provided more characters with expanded areas. However, these games with standalone released and don’t classify as downloadable content. Subsequently, Sword & Shield hold the title for first Pokemon game with DLC.

The Benefits to Consumers

One of the most substantial issues that have plagued the Pokemon franchise in the last decade was the lack of upgrades. Re-playability factors with every iteration were minimal, forcing consumers to pay upwards of $60.00 for an eight to ten-hour experience. With enhancements in the video game industry, this level of exploration for cost was unbearable for most consumers. Adding the benefit of downloadable content increases the value of each standalone title, meaning that you won’t get a single year of usage but instead upwards of two or three. Additionally, regions can be increased throughout each title’s lifespan. It shows GameFreak’s and Nintendo’s willingness to begin altering their core franchises.

The Backlash

There will be core supporters that are disappointed with the downloadable content option. Complaints are always made online whenever a game isn’t “Complete”. However, what these individuals don’t consider is that DLC isn’t often planned for the base game and typically comes out twelve months after the standalone storyline. If developers waited to make a “Complete” game, it would take upwards of five years for completion. Additionally, players aren’t forced to purchase downloadable content and don’t have to support GameFreak’s decision. We believe that these complaining individuals will still spend the $30.00 required to buy the 1st and 2nd DLC package.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what these individuals want to claim, the concept of a Pokemon game being regularly updated by the developers in exciting. When you combine the Max Raid Battles that are continuously updated and the advancements in graphics that’s been made with this generation, you can’t help but be impressed with Pokemon Sword and Shield. The extension of new locations, new Pokemon and new adventures is a welcomed one by millions worldwide. Unfortunately, there isn’t any official launch date for these DLC.