PS4 Games to get you through August

As hard as it is to believe, the PS4 launched over six years ago. Since then, many games have been released, making it hard to filter through and decide what to play. In this article, I’ll list several highly rated games in the minds of those who have played them. Get your pen and paper out and make a list of those that interest you.

Madden NFL 20

This version of professional football is impressive in some areas and lacks in other areas. They have introduced the QB1 career mode that is nothing to be proud of as it seems pointless and uninteresting. However, when it comes to the new abilities, X-Factor and Superstar, they leave a happy feeling in your heart because it is both something new for loyal players and captivating for newbies.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

The first-person signature range Wolfenstein offers all the thrill of shooting up a storm. It’s the Nazi’s players attack, and once you get into the game, you will have no problem blasting lasers or busting shots at them. Now if you can go shooting-mad and you can do it alongside a friend! It’s even better! The resistance, well, it doesn’t end when a person cuts the head of the regime. Oh no the fighting goes on in full swing.

Youngblood the Progressing Fights

It goes on at times, and at the time it means even into the next generation. The way this fight progresses, you will only have one wish, and that is to see more of the knuckleheads. Abby, Soph and Jess got their skills from the best. They embrace their duty of getting rid of the oppressiveness part of their world and watching them do it is super cool. Wolfenstein – Youngblood might feel like a short game, but it is so bittersweet.


Warframe is a game that has massively improved over time, and at the same time, it remained the same. There are still quite a few problems with the replication, and most are still upset with the lack of explanations as the system got more complex. But there are the highlights and the good news as well, and that includes the introduction of new events that elevate the game.

Warfare the Excitement

There is always a bit of frustration with this type of game you can be part of the most potent squad, and in the next mission, you’re in a spy mission. It is almost like once you hit a lull an even more fulfilling and exciting opportunity presents itself. What I do love about Warframe is that the time you spend in this world is always exceptionally well rewarded.

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