PUBG Remains Among the Top Even with Fortnite

We get it if massive games such as GTA5 and PUBG have to die down eventually, especially since there are so many new computer and mobile games being released. However, it’s now been like six years, and GTA5 remains a popular choice for just about everyone who has ever played it. It still receives new players, thanks to updated game features, events and live gaming.

Far ahead of GTA5 and most other games, we see the ever-popular PUBG, which provides one of the world’s most entertaining and realistic game experiences. They have recently moved to mobile gaming, making it possible to connect to the server from your mobile or PC device and still take part in the action. After the launch of Fortnite, most were expecting PUBG to drastically see a decrease in 2019 as many players shift over to the newer game and take advantage of even more game features.

However, what many of forgetting is that PUBG provides an entirely different gaming style that focuses more on realistic features. Thus, it’s different from Fortnite in just about all possible ways, other than the island, playing against others and shooting.

While those seeking a realistic experience would stick with PUBG, there are loads which would find the new release more entertaining. It is precisely those players that were expected to decrease the number of active users on the PUBG network.

To the surprise of most, PUBG remains one of the most successful games in 2019. It’s been reported that they still have well over 200 million players on mobile, which is what Fortnite has on all their platforms, which is still incredibly impressive. The PUBG team still manages to enjoy the rewards of their 400 million members, of which more than 220 million logs in monthly.

At the same time, there is no denying that the PC players have been decreasing for PUBG. There had not been any significant decreases, but we do see a constant drop in the numbers. Even with that, the game remains among the top three days, usually fighting for positions alongside CS: Go and Dota 2.

What Keeps them So Popular?

The team at PUBG manage to keep things entertaining by always finding new ways to challenge their members. Not only do they provide a broad variety of themes and features, but also game styles such as the Zombie mode they released in 2019. This is a great way to keep the numbers up, and they manage to provide unique features for PC and mobile players.

The fact is, there is always something new and exciting to look forward to even when the developers have not added any new features. The game has multiple modes where you can either play online or team up with someone and fight your way to the end and grab your chicken dinner!