Sony & Facebook Cancel Game Developer Conference Panels

International businesses worldwide are suffering from delayed production following the Covid-19 Outbreak from China. These declines started after December 31st, showing significant impacts on worldwide economies. It’s prompted to various nations to take precautions for avoiding exposure to the coronavirus. Technologies markets have felt the most significant effects, forcing multiple closures to high-scale expositions. This was proven again with the announcement that both the Facebook Company and the Sony Entertainment Corporation are cancelling their showcases at two notable venues. This includes the 2020 PAX East Convention and Game Developers Conference, with both companies noting that travel restrictions are increasing and that they cannot risk exposure for their employees.

The Game Developers Conference

It would’ve marked the 3rd consistent year that Facebook had attended this venue, showcasing their augmented virtual reality products at the Game Developers Conference. This is one of the most notable yearly showcased for Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, with representatives from the company mentioning that employee health and safety is more significant than anything else. Facebook reps also mentioned not wanting to increase public exposure, with Facebook annually seeing five thousand view their GDC Boots. Facebook also confirmed that they’d be cancelling their 2020 PAX East Venue, but noted they’d participate in all future variations of this expositions. When it applies to the Sony Corporation, they confirmed they’d hold a separate venue regarding future products after the Covid-19 Virus has been exterminated.

Representatives from the Game Developers Conference provided a public statement through CNBC. These statements confirmed that the GDC Organizers have zero intentions of terminating this event, not following by the example of the Mobile World Conference. These reps expressed that their implementing health and safety protocols to ensure the community is protected.

Public Health Measures with GDC 2020

Quarantine laws are being implemented by the Department of Public Health and US Government, forcing these organizers to work with the World Health Organization. This extends to the Centre for Disease Control, who will provide on-site measures. Subsequently, these representatives expressed that guests shouldn’t be concerned about their safety. They also mentioned their disappointment towards Facebook and Sony terminating their showcases this year. These reps didn’t close the door on them returning, expressing that they look forward to welcoming back their friends at Sony and Facebook next year. We’ll keep our readers updated on any future cancellations regarding the GDC or PAX East.