The Witcher 4 Confirmed

News regarding the Witcher franchise has grown exponentially in the last six months. Netflix announced a live-action series regarding this brand prompted fans worldwide to begin expressing their joy. Well, those fans now have something else to look forward to in the coming years. CD Project Red, the developers behind the Witcher video game franchise, has signed a new agreement with the author. Most fans speculated that a fourth entry wouldn’t be developed, with the source materials author expressing his disappointment towards the game series.

Andrzej Sapkowski became well known amongst fans when he began a lawsuit against CD Project Red. This lawsuit demanded extra payments from the development, reporting that they hadn’t provided the original funds intended with their by-standing agreement. That has now changed with the revelation that their contract is long-standing going forward, with the potential of three other games being developed in the series. However, considering that Netflix just released their Witcher series, it isn’t surprising that the author would increase his opportunities at making the brand more well-known by the general public.

CD Project Red’s official statement noted that this agreement satisfies the expectations from both parties, which guarantees that co-operation between the author and studio has become solidified. CD Project Red confirmed that they’ve set out a framework towards future games and gives them intellectual property rights over multiple products. This includes board games, graphic novels, video games, and merchandise. However, it wasn’t disclosed what percentage Andrzej would receive from CD Project Red with the sales of these products.

New Video Game Entries

When the third instalment in the Witcher franchise was released, it concluded the storyline for Geralt of Rivia. However, CD Project Red confirmed that they would create new stories in this world for future entries in the series. Andrzej Sapkowski will have a significant role in designing this new story, ensuring that future expansions follow the essence of this brand. Fans already have begun speculating what the new series will comprise of, with most thinking that it will be centred around Gwent.

The Witcher on Netflix

This brand made its television debut on Netflix, the world’s most important streaming service. Before it was released, there was considerable hype around the fight sequences and honoured storyline. The show has now been available for a week, with critics praising it for its beauty and raw action. Those wanting a more simplified version of the Witcher franchise are recommended to binge-watch the Witcher on Netflix.