Using an Xbox Remote with iPad Pro

Apple now provides an operating system purely developed for its iPad products. This changes a whole lot of things, including the ability to view full websites instead of mobile sites through the Safari browser. There are loads of small changes, making the iPad more usable and more compatible in the sense of replacing your laptop with such a device.

For gamers, loads of new and exciting benefits come with the OS 13 update, including the exciting Apple Arcade. However, what is even more impressive is the fact that you can now connect a Bluetooth gaming device to the Apple iPad and use it to control your games. Of course, this also applies to iPhone devices.

Unfortunately, some games are not compatible with these controllers, including PUBG. Of course, this has to do with fairness as it is off to all a mobile game. The controller would give you a much faster reaction and aiming abilities in comparison to those using their screens. So, for now, you would have to keep using your controller on your laptop if you would like to play the game that way.
Then again, the controller is compatible with so many other games, including the Grid racing game. This is currently the most realistic and enjoyable racing game available on mobile devices. It can be quite pricey to start with, but there are no additional in-game purchases, allowing you to take full advantage of the racing action.

Connecting your Xbox Remote to iPad Pro

Connecting the device is quite easy and straightforward. You will begin by heading into settings and then clicking on Bluetooth on your iPad. Then, turn on your Xbox controller and press the connection button on the back of the remote. The light will be into flash fast, making it discoverable by Bluetooth devices.

The remote will show up in your Bluetooth settings within just a few seconds. Click on it and follow the quick and easy steps to complete the connection. Now, when you head into a game compatible with the remote, it will automatically control the game when you move the joystick’s or press any buttons. You will still be able to use the touchscreen functionality, but most games incorporate everything you need to do into the remote. You won’t be able to control your iPad or any apps with the Xbox controller as it is purely for gaming.
Play Grid Better with the Xbox Controller

Those of you who have played Grid using the tilt or touchscreen on your iPad would know that the game is quite tricky this way, especially when you try to follow a straight racing line. When you connect the controller, things become so much easier as you can now use the joysticks and the triggers at the back to control the car. You can instantly shift to a higher experience level as you’ll become much faster in every single race. With that said, it doesn’t become more comfortable to win but certainly is a lot more fun.