Zack Snyder’s Justice League Costing $70 Million to Finish

The Justice League from Zack Snyder was announced by Warner Brothers & HBO Max two months ago, causing international excitement amongst comic book enthusiasts. The Zack Snyder directed version of Justice League was desired amongst fans, with the Joss Whedon iteration receiving harsh criticism from moviegoers & critics alike. Warner Brothers wanted to honour the Justice League and provide them with an extended return, prompting negotiations with HBO Max.

These negotiations had initially centred the budget that’d be associated to complete Zack Snyder’s vision. It’d been rumoured that costs wouldn’t exceed past $30 million. However, HBO Max confirmed their budget for Zack Snyder’s Justice League is $70 million. It’s the most prominent investment that HBO has made to date for their streaming service, with no guarantees that the film will become popular amongst viewers.

Largescale costs towards completing this film are because reshoots are required, meaning the involvement of Henry Cavil’s Superman & Ben Affleck’s Batman. The announcement of reshoots has excited Ben Affleck supporters, with a large percentage of fans thinking his Dark Knight is the most accurately depicted from DC Comics. Ben Affleck wasn’t ever meant to return as Batman, with the actor swearing off the role after critics bashed his performance.

It should be noted that with the announcement of Ben Affleck returning as Batman for 2021s Justice League, it means there’ll be three versions of Batman seen in one year. Viewers can witness Robert Pattison in “The Batman from Matt Reeves”, Michael Keaton’s original Dark Knight, and Ben Affleck’s heroic Caped Crusader.

Visual Costs

The $70 million budget associated with Zack Snyder’s Justice League doesn’t exclusively account for reshoot payments. It also accounts for CGI, Digital Effects, Sound Production, Set Design, and Crew Salaries. Those five factors forced HBO Max to increase the budget from $30 million to $70 million. It’ll mark the most expensive film ever created for a streaming service. HBO Max confirming that they’ve purposed $70 million towards the recreation of this film was unexpected. It puts Disney+ and Netflix into a vulnerable position where significant budgets must be offered, or customers will be inevitably lost.